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Companies are having a hard time recruiting talent to work in Oakland. Often there’s a misconception on what it’s like working in Oakland (inconvenient, dangerous, etc.).


At the same time, East Bay residents hear about startups in SF and Silicon Valley, but not where they live.

We need a way to to show people that Oakland is accessible, safe, and seriously hip with tons of jobs to go around.

And now we have one. 


Welcome to Oakland Up.

about the founder

Hi, I’m Mark!


I transplanted from the Midwest to the Bay Area in 2014 as I got lured with the appeal of working in a high-growth startup. The experience of growing and scaling startups from seed to series B has been exhilarating to say the least. 

I started this website because my last company moved offices from San Francisco (Union Square) to Oakland. Initially, people were freaking out. It was as if we were moving the company across the country. The company did everything it could to make it a smooth transition: non-IKEA office furniture, cold brew tap, added more perks, and even walked everyone through how to utilize commuter benefits. Sure enough, everyone became on board and now enjoy working in the Uptown neighborhood of Oakland.

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Personally, it was a breath of fresh air as Uptown contrasts the hustle and bustle of Union Square. Traffic is fairly mild in comparison to SF (and bike-friendly too). Less tourists walking around makes for a more pleasant mid-day coffee break or stroll. Most importantly, Oakland is more of a community with local businesses and nonprofits supporting each other (it's easy to spot mission-driven posters on doors and windows). 


What was surprising to me is that NO ONE knows how awesome it is to work in Oakland. Every time I mention working in Oakland, I usually get the comment 'Oh really?!' or 'That sucks'. As you can imagine, I've been selling the benefits of working in Oakland whenever it comes up. These conversations helped me understand that The Town doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Startup companies here have to work harder to attract talent and, from conversations with recruiters, East Bay residents have a tough time knowing what’s available. These pains led me to starting Oakland Up, where you'll learn about Oakland-based startups, what it's like working here, and finding opportunities in Oakland! 


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